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Premium Farm Fresh Produce Ltd intends to be the pioneers in Terminal markets in India and to become the biggest and best service provider for fresh produce. It proposes to build world-class market infrastructure network for efficient delivery of produce through these markets which will operate in hub and spoke format. In our vision the private wholesale terminal markets would provide
  • Hub & Spoke format of market wherein collection centers would be located in locations easily accessible to farmers;
  • Multiple choices for sale of produce to the farmers including electronic auction facility and direct sale to buyers;
  • Infrastructure for storage to market participants;
  • Real Time transactional agricultural banking facilities.
  • Real time information dissemination
  • Extension and advisory needs of farmers.
  • Minimum intermediary in purchase process
  • Tie up with International processing firms so as to do value addition in the comparatively low grade left out material, which amounts upto 25-30% of the total volume and State of art Waste Management Facilities.
  • Facilitate interaction between Importers and Exporters of Various Commodities.
Public service utilities available in the market

Electricity, Communication, Post office, Bank, Input shops, Police post, Petrol pump, Waste disposal Etp/stp, One Stop Centers, ATMs, Hotels, Shopping complex, Amusement facilities.

Facilities available at collation center

  • Need based grading facilitys
  • Grading sorting lines
  • Tie-up with banks for daily cash payments
  • Revolving fund of Rs. 1.5 crore (1st year) created
  • Volume incentives
  • Insurance-weather, animal, accidental
  • ATMs/Debit Cards/Credit Cards/Kisan Credit Card
  • Agri-clinic and extension support
  • Online spot commodity trading platform-NCDEX/MCX
  • Multi purpose information kiosks
  • Electronic display boards & live auction from markets
  • Investment advice
  • One stop shopping for input (1. Tata Kisan Sansar 2. Hariyali )
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